The GoReact Recorder App

If you ever need to post a GoReact video while you’re out and about, all you need is your smartphone and our handy mobile app.

Whether you’re an iOS or an Android user, the GoReact mobile app is specifically designed to record videos on your smartphone and upload those videos to your account. Here are all the cool things you can do directly from the mobile app:

Log in to your account

The app takes the exact same email and password as your desktop account.

Record or upload video

You can record new sessions right from your smartphone or upload an existing recording directly from your phone’s library. This is true for both regular assignments and timed tests too. Before making a recording, be sure to orient your device to landscape. Unless you have a really good reason, landscape-oriented videos are what you want.

Post a video to your account

After you’ve recorded a video in the app, you have the option to preview the video, add a title, change the Activity destination, or trim your video before uploading it to the GoReact website. Your mobile app leverages smartphone capabilities to compress the size of your video files and upload them quickly.

Resume or delete your upload queue any time

If an upload is interrupted for any reason, the video will be posted to your device’s library and added to your In Progress list on your app’s main menu.

Change your app settings

The GoReact app has two settings: cellular data uploads so you can upload video without a Wi-Fi connection, and remember login credentials. Simple.

GoReact Pro Tips:

  • The mobile app is not built for commenting on videos, creating new Activities, or changing your account settings. If you need to take care of any of these functions, simply log in to your desktop account.
  • Your app needs access to your camera, microphone, and photos to upload existing video from your device. If you accidentally decline, you can go to your phone’s settings app and grant access there. No harm, no foul.
  • If you’re teaching a course in an LMS (like Canvas or Blackboard), the mobile app won’t be able to connect. You can still use your smartphone to record your video, then transfer it to a computer and upload it to the assignment via your LMS.

To use the GoReact Recorder app, start by downloading it for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android.

If you’d like to learn even more GoReact secrets, our support site is filled with pro tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the GoReact platform. We hope you’re enjoying giving feedback as much as we do. Of course if you experience a problem, just submit a ticket for a same-day response from our support team!

You can read all about how we got started too: GoReact’s Origins: The Story, the Problem, and the Solution.



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