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GoReact Recorder App

With the FREE GoReact Recorder App for iPhone and iPad available in the App Store, uploading video for feedback is even easier! In class, at home or on the go, instructors and students can grab video without a webcam or computer. Download the app, sign in and select the course & activity you want, then just record, trim, and upload. (Android users, don’t despair—Android coming soon!)

New Video Posting Options

Ever feel like the video you just recorded wasn’t quite right? Or wish you could trim the beginning or end of your video—you know, the part where you lean into the camera to adjust your webcam or to click “Record.” Well, now you can.

GoReact just released video posting options that allow you to trim the ends of your video and preview it prior to posting it to your activity. Presenters can review their recordings, discard and rerecord as many times as necessary, and trim before posting the video to the corresponding Activity.


You can now add color-coded Markers as feedback on a video. Markers are great as tags for specific things you want to watch for, count or flag. For example, you may want to mark filler words or narrative transitions in speech videos or incorrect signs in ASL.

Markers show up alongside other comments in the feedback timeline and in the ratings graph below the video.

By creating a palette of Markers, you can click them whenever you notice a behavior or condition you want to highlight. You can create and edit your Marker palette when you create an Activity, or within the feedback screen itself.

More than just enhancing a student’s visual understanding of feedback, Markers quantify what educators see on the video, making it easy to analyze and compare student progress over time or within a particular cohort.

Upload Video Comments

Video comments are one of the most fully communicative types of feedback you can give to a presenter. In some cases, the limitations of recording video comments on your webcam may inhibit your ability to show the type of feedback you really want. Now, you can upload files from your computer as video comments. This allows you to make, edit and fine tune your recording before submitting it as feedback.

Multi-Course Discounts

For programs that use a lot of online video, GoReact has always offered multi-course discounts to students. But students don’t always know their full schedule before they buy their course license. Well, students no longer need to buy their course licenses together to take advantage of multi-course discounts. Purchases made from the GoReact website will automatically apply the multi-course discount whenever additional course licenses are purchased within 30 days of each other.



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