5 Keys to an Outstanding Nurse-Patient Relationship

Help your students develop the soft skills needed to cultivate a strong nurse-patient relationship by following these methods.

5 Little-Known Facts about CAEP Standards 2019

For many teacher preparation programs, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation—otherwise known as CAEP—is their Bible. These teaching guidelines are custom designed to standardize teacher education. The desired result? Awesome teachers who are...

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4 Secrets to Giving Feedback Online

Online courses are more popular than ever. They’re accessible, relatively inexpensive (sometimes free!), and flexible. Students of all backgrounds and experiences are dipping their toes into the virtual classroom and learning math, science, English, and even...

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5 Trending Public Speaking Resources for Students

Do your students know the real source of their public speaking nerves? How about the number one difference between snooze-worthy and breathtaking presentation slides? Or the quickest way to become a star presenter at a new job? The answers to these questions and...

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The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

In the final inning of 2016, experts are eagerly predicting the future of education. What are potential jobs looking for in new graduates? What skills should students be building right now? To answer these questions, EdSurge released a fascinating read on the most...

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Online Video Feedback for Teaching Skills Crazy Fast

It turns out getting feedback from others—especially others with a lot of expertise—can really accelerate your progress when you're trying to learn something new or improve your skills. There’s some really great research about the value of feedback whether you are...

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