4 Surefire Ways to Boost Nursing Simulation

Help your students put their theoretical knowledge into practice and enhance their skills by improving nursing simulation.

What is Summative Assessment?

summative assessment

Summative assessments provide a view into the final outcomes of education, the "sum total" of skills developed or learning achieved during a course of instruction. It's an integral part of our education system, and it's flawed because it eclipses other types of...

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6 Ways to Teach Nursing Skills Faster

So you’re a nursing educator. You’ve watched hundreds of bright young students pass through the program, and you’ve had the pleasure of watching them become amazing healthcare professionals ready to do no harm. Chances are you already have awesome teaching methods,...

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What is Formative Assessment?

teacher gives formative feedback

Formative assessment, according to research, is one of the most effective education innovations to hit modern classrooms. Its impact on student learning is just huge. So, what exactly is formative assessment? 3 Min. Read What's the Definition of Formative...

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The Feedback Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

A lot has been said about giving feedback. Lots of tips and strategies are out on the web. And most are great. The catch, though, is that you’ve likely heard them before. So here are feedback tricks you probably haven’t heard to take feedback in your classroom to a...

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How to give (and not give) feedback

Knowing that feedback is an integral part of learning and leveraging feedback as an integral part of learning are two very different things, especially for higher education instructors who have limited time and resources but an unlimited supply of students and...

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Better feedback makes us . . . better

There’s no question that higher quality feedback is a key component to giving more students that “light bulb” moment, where their understanding of key concepts and their ability to demonstrate new skills clicks in their minds. Being a part of that process is one of...

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Rubric Tips For Public Speaking

Evaluating soft skills like public speaking can be tough, especially across multiple speakers. A rubric keeps your evaluation on track by using standardized criteria, which will help you maintain consistent scoring and feedback for all speakers. This adds a layer...

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