5 Prolific Myths on Classroom Management

New teachers need to be aware of classroom management myths, question them, and decide how they personally feel to align policies with personal beliefs.

The GoReact Guide to Surviving Black Friday

The biggest shopping day of the year is right around the corner. Still recovering from Grandma’s stuffing, millions of Americans head out on Thursday night to score the best deals of the season. This year Black Friday falls on November 23, the earliest it’s been...

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Macmillan & GoReact: Our Partnership Just Improved

Our trusted partner, Macmillan Learning is pleased to announce the release of their new app: In 2017, Macmillan Learning became the first major publisher to partner with GoReact, integrating powerful video assessment software into our LaunchPad platform and truly...

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Do Teachers Have to Be Master Presenters?

Well? Do they? Not necessarily, but . . . if teachers want their students to learn fast, communication skills are the secret. If you think about it, all the same presenting tactics work just as well in the classroom as they do on a stage. And top sources on...

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