Teacher Appreciation Week: Stories from America’s Top Teachers

Most of the year teachers are unsung heroes, but not this week.

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and if you haven’t already celebrated, it isn’t too late. Organizations nationwide have been honoring teachers everywhere all week long. Not only do teachers work tirelessly to enrich the lives of their students, but so many are constantly looking for new ways to improve and innovate their classrooms.

EdSurge News published a fantastic shout-out this week to all the teachers who are making a tremendous difference with technology. Here’s just one example from Claire Shorall, a Teach for America Excellence in Teaching Awardee:

To say that people were skeptical of our plan to expand Oakland’s computer science program by 1000 percent would be an understatement, especially considering we were on the lookout for the best CS teachers we could find. “You’ll never be able to lure them from industry,” some told me. The others questioned, “Even if you find them, how will you train them?”

Although these concerns were valid, one year later, Oakland Unified Computer Science is thriving.

Read the rest of Shorall’s story and others at EdSurge News:

We Ask Teachers: How Has Edtech Made a Difference in Your Classroom?

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