A Little White Bird Is Changing Education

The first day has come and gone, the first homework assignment assigned, the first test taken—you’re in the swing of things now.

Before you get too far along and all your lesson plans are finalized, there’s something you’re forgetting. A tool so powerful, so far-reaching, so utterly . . . well, useful.


A quick Internet search yields quite the catch of lists and best practices for using Twitter in the classroom. It’s possible you’ve read some, maybe even written one or two.

Across all those articles, the #1 reason to use Twitter in the classroom is to increase interaction. It makes sense. Twitter is a bunch of tweets that people share with the world. Your students are some of those people.

It’s easier said than done to move the classroom to where your students are already interacting together. Not any longer.

Here are some of the best Twitter classroom practices out there (and a handful of links to even more Twitter how-tos).

From 60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom:

  • Use Twitter to give quick updates to students, like canceled classes or changed office hours.
  • Have students use Twitter hashtags to collaborate outside of the classroom.
  • While students study or work on homework, encourage them to tweet what questions they have and what they have learned.

From Three Tips to Pump Up Student Voice in Your Classroom:

  • Challenge students to tweet character statements to teach concision and clarity.
  • Broadcast special presentations and events live from Twitter’s Periscope app.

From Global Math Task Twitter Exchange:

  • Tweet special challenges between classes or courses like math problems or brain teasers.

Twitter is popular for a lot of reasons. In education, its value is in the interaction it facilitates. The classroom isn’t restricted to a schoolhouse or between the 8:00AM and 3:00PM bells. With Twitter and other social media, education can be everywhere learning is . . . which is everywhere.

For more info, check out these other Twitter resources:

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