Rain Is Great, Sure. For Feedback, the Cloud Is Best

It’s a term we hear often enough, and usually we’re not talking about the weather or animal shapes.

The cloud has become how we work. We store family pictures in the cloud, passwords in the cloud, documents, code, products—all in the cloud. Why, though?

We use the cloud for many aspects of our digital lives.

In part because it is only dependent on Internet access, meaning I can work at my desk or at home, and as long as I have Internet access and can remember my passwords, I can access all the drafts and materials I’ve saved to the cloud to write blog posts like these.

The cloud offers unique advantages to a lot of markets; skill development is one of them.

You see, prior to the Internet, to develop any kind of skill took a lot of time. Most often, you needed to find a mentor. And without one, your skills generally plateaued. Nowadays, it still takes time to learn how to make a grapefruit ice cream cake, jumpstart a car battery, deliver a speech, cut someone’s hair, or learn a language.

Content distribution via the Internet took care of that for a little while. No need to go to the library or find a math teacher if you have access to countless math videos to show you how to factor a binomial.

There is an abundance of content at our disposal.

The only problem with all this: So much content has been put online that it takes a lot of experience and knowledge to know what’s accurate and what’s just . . . taking up space. That was the value of a mentor. Someone to tell you: “Nope. The square knot just won’t do for fishing. You need this.” Someone to instruct. To coach.

To give feedback.

With cloud-based video feedback platforms (like, oh, I don’t know . . . GoReact), skill development has moved to the next level. Mentors and mentees can be across the world from one another and still interact in a way to develop whatever skill is needed. GoReact users record or upload video to the platform (where it is stored securely in the cloud) and then their mentor can access that video, make comments, give ratings, and return it to the mentee who can watch everything back with the mentor’s feedback playing along in real time.

The cloud allows for a lot of things. Connecting skill development seekers with practiced skill masters may be one of the coolest.

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