Video Feedback: Professional Training’s Best Friend

Training is sort of becoming a big deal in the grown up world of work. Sales training. HR training. Flight attendant training. In a Forbes article analyzing recent graduates and their perceptions of job and professional training availability, Kartherine LaVelle says,

“Our message to employers is that you’re not going to get the perfect employee walking through your door on the day you hire them. You’re going to have to train them.”

And we’re here to tell you the best way to do it: video. According to this article examining 217 experimental comparisons from 33 experimental studies involving 1,058 people, “the video feedback method has a statistically significant effect on the interaction skills of professionals in a range of contact professions.”


The same article continues, “By seeing themselves on video, professionals are able to improve their receptive, informative and relational skills.”

In a nutshell, if you’re in the business of professional training, video feedback is your best friend.

Your other best friend? GoReact—where video feedback improves professional training, GoReact improves video feedback.

Check out a demo here.

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