GoReact hosts Utah County Puppet Users Group

This past Thursday, the 28th of May 2015, the GoReact offices hosted the Utah County Puppet Users Group (and for the casual luddite, I don’t mean Muppet puppets). Local Puppet veterans and the newly initiated spent the evening discussing simple master and client connections because getting started with Puppet requires understanding the basics of connecting a Puppet client with a master.

The group discussed the basic install of both the puppetmaster and client service, we then moved onto creating a simple MOTD module for Linux. Once we had our simple module created we connected our client up with our master, signed the certificate for secure SSL communication, and watched the magic. Our client was now under the masters control, any manual changes we made to our MOTD message in Linux would be wrangled back into spec by our puppetmaster.

This was just one example to get attendees excited about what configuration management can bring to their environments. You can lear more about Puppet here.

If you are local to the Orem Utah area and interested in attending one of the Utah County Puppet Users Group meetups, check out the group’s Meetup page here and RSVP for one of our upcoming meetings.



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